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One Year Free Subscription to SWAT for Financially Challenged!!!

Thats right!!!! I am offering my ONE YEARS SUBSCRIPTION TO SWAT MAGAZINE to one lucky forum member who shoots me an email in private explaining his or hers desire for the magazine,but cannot because of financial reasons.Everything will be done in private and no need to reveal your "screen name" here on TFL. Hey.....i am a Po' Boy myself,so i know what its like!! Fixed income, handicapped, 36 children, missed the opportunity to attend college to make the big bucks???, just email me with your desire AND willingness to maybe share this great magazine in the pursuit of gaining new subscribers. I can assure you that other members here will not know who you are, as i do not want your screen name!!! Today is Nov. 23rd, i will except entries for two weeks...then i will email you if you are the winner. Dont be bashful dont know what you are missing...its a GREAT magazine!!!! And please oh numerous con men, cheapskates, etc., lets be ethical...dont try it!!!!! me at: [email protected]
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