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Since you have contact with so many cops, you may want to start pitching "Community Policing" type efforts. We have it here, and the DARE and other kid related anti drug/anti gang programs, NRA/PD sponsored Eddy Eagle gun safety programs for the schools, as well as officer involvement in local functions has taken a lot of the edge off of the "Us vs Them" problem, and turned it into more of a "We" thing.
Granted, this is a small town, but we are growing rapidly.
I believe that these programs and involvement help keep the cops out of the "Everyone not a cop is a scumbag" mindset, and helps the community understand the needs and goals of the PD as well.

Again, this is working with the local cops, but DPS (Highway Patrol) is still openly hated by one and all. They are globally perceived as narrow minded, lazy ticket writers more concerned with enhancing the state's treasury than doing their "Department of Public Safety" thing. I might point out that this statewide community perception is grounded in well documented fact.
On a positive note, they have really nice uniforms...
My tax dollars at work.

Sorry if I have drifted to far off topic.
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