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Hi Art,

Some years ago I would have given an agressive defense of the State and local police here; even though I used to get a few speeding tickets back then. That has ALL changed.

We almost NEVER see State or Local police, either one at any social function that includes anything other than other LEOs of the same jurisdiction. And we have numerous jurisdictions. It is really weird to me. Years ago, no matter where I went, there were some police at the function. Not ANY attend these days. I am not the only one to notice it.

One of my co-workers was a cop in the neighboring state and she noticed it there but said, come to think of it, it's almost perfect segregation here now.

The thing with federal police vs state or local has always existed and still does. Although, recently, that is in the last ten years or so, I've seen some improvement in this area with some of the federal police attitude toward some public, not much with the other LEOs of less than federal jurisdiction however.

The Natural Resource, Wildlife, Forestry, Marine and other such federal jurisdictions have a horrid attitude problem much of the time with the newer enforcement officers -- quite like a Hippie Gestapo as one of the ATF agents called them a couple of years ago.

I do all I can to try and encourage symbiotic interraction between all sorts of people and that includes all sorts of law enforcement and all sorts of citizens. This is the only place that I've loudly voiced my concern and Un-PC viewpoint, but it needs to be done I think.

For instance NRA meetings here; not one cop under the age of 50 in years. Ducks Unlimited meetings; not one cop at the last severa huge meetings of several thousand attendance as far as I saw and both of these used to be 20% police of all different flavors. Golf courses; there is a local police league but only one or two LEOs from outside the one town jurisdiction play and no other course that I know of. Few come to the gun shops anymore; they usually go to Wallmart or Kmart where they are anonymous if they hunt at all. But for years the only place that the cops hunted was a private club of thier own as far as I know. Movies; haven't seen a cop there in years. I've asked several what they do Friday and Saturday nights and they've all told me they have a group of other police friends and that they just visit other officers homes to drink, watch videos, listen to music, chat, eat, etc. No mingling at these with non LEOs from the half dozen or so that I've questioned.

This may be a local thing -- but it's local over most of our state as far as I know. One of my clients is retired police and although he and I are very close he has commented on the us and them attitude that he sees. He is in his late 60s I think and one of the best people I've ever met. I was shocked that he had the viewpoint as it is usually those born after 1965 or so that I get the us and them attitude from and the younger the more strongly it is shown usually.

I think they must show them too many videos of civilians shooting cops in traffic stops or knifing them in domestic disputes, etc. I even wonder if there is a policy here... a policy to not fraternize with the serfs. I doubt there is anything in writing but there certainly is in practice. I know a LOT of police as a result of being all over the place all day and of being active in several neighborhood watches and in being a active and concerned citizen. I call in reports to 911 with specifics whenever I see something. Since I always carry a small digital camera with me, if I see something suspicious I take pictures AND make a call.

As a Realtor, I'm on the road a lot and meet a lot of people -- and I've been doing this here for over 30 years. It has been a huge change. We once had a DSP that is Delaware State Police that was in my mind and that of others -- a national model of Serve and Protect. Have you noticed that those words are seldom on badges or police mottos anymore?

That's enough. I'm glad you DON'T have a similar situation in your area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you don't in the future either. But, I think it's pervasive and becoming more so.

And, no matter what... I'll probably keep on subscribing to the mag as a way of supporting Rich here - my favorite board next to my own!
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