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Denny Hansen
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S.W.A.T. Magazine is all about cops and what us commoners can’t own. NOT!
The following are the feature articles for the upcoming February issue of S.W.A.T:

Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Facts And Fallacies
Nuclear Site Protection: The Savannah River SRT
The CZ75B
Hitting With the Shotgun
A Talk with Ted Nugent
Thunder Ranch’s Urban Rifle High Intensity Tactical Class
World War I Weapons Of The Trenches
The Big Green Machine
Spyderco’s Gunting Knife
Ruger’s .44 Deerfield Carbine
Dealing With The Principle
Building A "Fackler" Box: Performance Test Your Own Ammo

Two of these articles are law enforcement specific, although I believe both are interesting for anyone with an open mind. The nuclear site article goes into detail about how an SRT protects the site. The article The Big Green Machine is about how surplus V150 armored personnel carriers can be acquired by individual agencies, and be used to save lives.

S.W.A.T. is mostly about training and tactics, and tactics can be used by anyone—not just cops. If you don’t believe this, have another look at the FBI’s Miami Massacre. Or the Newhall incident. Or the North Hollywood bank robbery. Each of those incidents had two thing in common: peace officers went up against two determined individuals who used tactics to their advantage and the officers disadvantage, and who had a fighting mindset.

As for the "us against them" mentality, I agree it exists. What many people fail to get, however, is that most cops are in the "us" part of the equation. And I, for one, am happy they are.

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