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I've moved this thread in order to avoid charges of "favoritism" in enforcing the Policies. The topic clearly belongs in the S.W.A.T. Forum.

There's much I can say here, but I'll try to be brief. S.W.A.T. is about Training and Tactics. While these issues generally cut across employment lines, where can we look to find cutting edge stuff? At the local IDPA Match or within the specialized military and police teams and the excellent civilian schools across the country.

I, too, am adamantly opposed to the militarization of the Police. But I'm less concerned about their equipment than their police powers; I'm less concerned about their training than their individual mindset. As a result, we've commissioned Richard Stevens to write a column titled "Enemy at the Gate". One read of that column will point out that we're asking some hard questions of uniformed civilians.

What we're trying to do here is provide a vehicle for tactical minded folks to come together...that means cops and non-cops. To that end we've made some choices: We've rejected the glitz of puff pieces on guns that writers have yet to handle; We've focused on Tactics and Training. We will continue to report on the Training, Tactics and Equipment of Military and Police "elite" Teams.....let's face it, articles on the latest IDPA Tactics simply won't hold an audience. However, balance is the key word.

I agree with Mad Dog.....if some agencies or jurisdictions allow their cops to use weapons that the rest of us can't get (in the line of duty), it serves no purpose to blame the operator. Rather, one should blame the Legislator. Will our coverage of such items and Teams result in the further dumbing down of America to the growing and dangerous trend toward militarization of Law Enforcement....only for those who start out dumb enough in the first place. For them, I'm afraid there is no hope.

Finally, of 12 features listed in the December Issue, 11 are directly aimed at the Non-Uniformed Citizen:
1) 2nd Annual IDPA Championship
2) Valdata Scopes
3) Team Tactics for Families
4) Mossberg's Model 500 Shotgun
5) The Fighting Stance and Length of Pull
6) Bushmaster Urban Sniper Rifle
7) Colt Detective Special
8) Para-Ordinance LDA 45
9) Bodyguard: The True Story
10) Buying Used Firearms
11) Trapdoor Rifles...

The 12th Feature is on Germany's Federal Border Guard.

With that kind of a lineup, one is hard pressed to say that we haven't changed the direction of S.W.A.T. significantly. If our readers are dissatisfied with the direction or content of the magazine, we offer a money back guarantee on all unmailed issues. I say this, not with a "Take it or Leave it" attitude. However, I firmly believe in Capitalism and the financial repercussion of building a "lesser" mousetrap.

While no single magazine is for everybody, I'd really be interested in comparing any poster's suggested Table of Contents to the one I've posted above....for relevance, interest and non-LEO appeal.

As always, your comments and criticism are appreciated and encouraged. But we need more specificity to consider a directional change.
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