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If the police had to jump through the hoops that ordinary gunowners do, the FOP and Chiefs of every city in America would be beating down the doors of Congress and the President. But because law enforcement is exempt from all gun control measures, they see fit to arm themselves to the teeth at taxpayer expense, using weapons too "evil" for a common citizen to be trusted with.
The Lautenberg Amendment put quite a few LEOs out of jobs -- no exemption there.

I cannot buy regular capacity magazines for my sidearm, because my department only authorizes regular capacity magazines for the Glack 22, and I don't carry one. I'm stuck with a 10-round Clinton special on duty -- no exemption there.

I have to jump through the same hoops that any other citizen must jump through to get the good stuff -- no exemption there.

Unless, you mean the really good stuff, like the FN 5.7mm hoglegs -- in which case, my department will take the goodies (without compensation, or with minimal compensation) should we part company in the future.

I guess that could be called an exemption, but it doesn't seem like much of one to me.

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