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Mad Dog you make some excellent points.

And I do agree with you that there is a need for a least a good carbine in the patrol car, hence my reference to the LA bank robberies.

I also agree that both the LEOs and the average citizen should have equal access to the weapons of their choice. That being said, both the citizen and the officer have an equal duty to learn the proper use of said weapon.

Yes, some departments are forward thinking and provide them with both the equipment and the training but some just put the equipment in the car because department "A" over in the next county has them and don't train the officer to use the tools they are given.

Where we may or may not agree is on what I call heavy weapons such as a .50 cal Barrett or a grenade launcher. I can't think of a use related to law enforcement for these types of weapons, and the high cost would be better spent on training or upgrading of current equipment.

If anyone can give me an example of where heavy weapons would be useful I promise to read your comments with an open mind.
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