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There are only four problems I have with a large portion of our current civilian police force.

1. They are usually forgetful that they ARE civilians.

2. There is a HUGE % that are wannabe Rambos.

3. There is a HUGE % that have formed an Us and Them attitude.

4. There is a Huge % that have a mis-understanding or disagreement with the first three words of "Serve and Protect".

Other than that we DO have a need for some civilian police force and good, intelligent, responsible, civil, polite, educated and good natured police people. At one time Delaware had perhaps the most intelligent, useful, polite, effective, moral, and honorable police forces in the nation. Now we have mostly politically correct Rambo wannabeeeeeeeeeeessss with no clue and no interest in Serve and Protect. The older officers are still "the Finest" not often the newer and dangerous idiots.

I've had no bad experience with the police of this state ever. However, working in a gun shop at times and frequently visiting others where they frequent -- I've seen a HUGE % of recent police officers that I wouldn't trust to watch a stray dog or to serve crackers or protect a rock. They cause me to fear my government more than any other faction including the idiot politicians who pull thier strings.

Nevertheless; SWAT magazine MAY grow up to be a useful mag. I hope so. But if it caters to the Rambo wannnnnnaaabeeeeeeeeeesss which it seems to be doing - I'll be gone next year as well.

Rant OFF.
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