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Er...excuse me, but how many of you that are questioning the need for police to use "military" type hardware have been in a shootout with a biker gang, a whacked out speed freak with an AK, or a barricaded suspect?
It does happen you know.

Bear in mind that you would be condemning the police for using the very same militia type weapons that you are technically afforded the use of per the Second Amendment. The same weapons that you bemoan the unavailability or restriction of for your own use. Sounds like a bad case of sour grapes served a la Kalifornia/NJ/NY/MA....
Don't blame SWAT for that, blame your legislators.
SWAT simply reports and observes the fact that agencies ARE using these weapons, and to what effect.

Believe me, there is a time and a place for the police (and Law Abiding Citizens) to have all of the firepower that can be mustered, and the fact that some departments are forward thinking and realistic enough in their approach to dealing with heavily armed and very dangerous criminals is comforting to me.
it is comforting to know that the PD in my town is one such.
I also draw comfort from living in a state that does NOT have idiotic weapons laws. We Arizona Citizens can (and often do) own anything that the police or military can here in Arizona.

Use SWAT for what it is: A magazine dedicated to getting the information out. Good, solid info on training, tactics, and the related hardware written by some of the most authoritative heads in our business.
Study it.
It WILL come in handy.

Oh... and next time you get the chance to oust an Antigun legislator, vote early and vote often!!
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