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Well, I subscribed to the darn thing on the assumption that with TFL/Rich Lucibella behind it, it'd get out of the doldrums it had been in and turn into a good magazine, with an appeal to more than the "cowboy" cops, or Special Ops wannabees.
Oh well. Two issues later, SOS... Unless things take a turn for the better, I won't re-up, I don't really approve of militarizing the police. Makes me think things like: Why do they need that stuff? Why the ninja outfits? Police state?

I expect a large part of this is one-upsmanship practiced by the politican chiefs in the various departments. Most of the guys on the sharp end are pretty decent.

There are damn few situations so screwed up that adding government to them will not make 'em worse...
The best homeland security is an armed & informed citizenery!
Molon Labe!
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