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G'day Nigel!

I've been told that one of the members of Team Andrenalin is a current member of the regiment, it was on his advice that my mate bought a USP. (Well actually he told him to buy a Para or SVI, compete and win, but he also told him that the USP was the main issue sidearm, so my mate had to have one. )
IIRC the old website format suggested that Team Andrenalin and SSSC where linked, but the current format dosn't state that.
I've never visited the range, I was a fullbore shooter, but never good enough to travel interstate to compete. My mates on the Army Rifle Team, and was there about a month ago to compete. From his story he drove a SASR armourer to distraction picking his brains about weapons. He's still at Uni, and isn't an old fart like me
Thanks for the info. If your ever in Sydney on a weekend, drop into ANZAC rifle range on a Sunday and introduce yourself. I shoot with Drummoyne RSL PC in the horseshoe range.

Regards, Radagast
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