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If this got you to register at TFL, we've already won by your presence. Thanks. I'm not certain exactly how to respond, without sounding defensive...which, believe me, I'm not. We set this Forum up to get exactly this type of feedback and you all have been real gentlemen in this .

I've been intimately involved with this issue since it surfaced. Here's what we have and what I've been able to learn:

- Eitan is who he says he is.

- The omission of the AI Rifle is unfortunate...and can be corrected. However, as you point out, it hardly diminishes Eitan's credibility (or S.W.A.T.'s)

- From sources that we've checked, we've learned that the SAS is like every other Elite Team out there....they have wide latitude in individual choice of weapons and frequently experiment and/or change. (Look only to the number of knives that claim to be "Official Navy SEAL"...and they all are, in the sense above.) This is the danger in writing articles on any special team....your information will always be less than complete in all the details.

- Deadline for acceptance of December articles was July 24. That's the nature of of the magazine business. (This is only different for news magazines or rags willing to "review" products or teams before the info is available). Therefore, Eitan's info would be dated a bit.

Your points are all worthy and spur us on to more precise (if not concise) reporting. We've not been unwilling to publish a correction in S.W.A.T.. However, other than the ommission of the AI rifle (and a check of the dates you've provided- thanks), I don't believe that Eitan's article was substantively incorrect in it's information. In fact, I think it was a pretty good piece.
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