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Sorry fokes I have been umming and aahhing deciding whether to sit this one out or not.

I am afraid that Mr Meyr after checking with his sources (Tomato, BBQ, and Chilli ???) Has still got it wrong on even basic points that are unclassified.

1) Your artical states that the the Australian SASR was created in 1964. The Australian SAS was first created on the 1st of April 1957 by the then Deputy Chief of General Staff. The 1st SAS Company did not however become operational until 25th July 1957 under Major W.W Gook. In 1997 the SASR celebrated its 50th Anniversery. According to the artical that anniversary will not happen to 2014 ??

2) Your artical states that the SASR is some 550 men strong. The exact numbers are classified and media guesses range from 300- 900. You can ask any 5 SASR troopers with the exception of the CO of the exact numbers and you would get 5 different answers. The basic structure outlined by Mr Meyr is however correct.

3) Some of the weapons data is either incorrect or outdated. Some of the data is correct while other weapons are totally ommited. As NB and Andy the Aussie have said the USP is the standard handgun of the Australian SASR.

4) The SASR does not have UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopters for rapid deployment. Those Helicopters belong to the 5th Aviation Regiment some 4000kms away in Queensland. Deployment is by RAAF C130 or Commercial Airliner and arrangments are in place for priority seating and "baggage" space. This arrangment is also used by many of the worlds CT / Special Forces Teams. Once in the area of operation Blackhawks may be deployed to mate up. The only Military Helicopter in Western Australia is the SASR helicopter at Pearce Airbase and that is owned by a private contractor, LLoyds Helicopters who currently hold the SAR Contract. The Helicopter is a S76 that is painted in civillian SAR Colors (Red & White).

I have been careful to ensure that the data I have given is freely available and in the public domain. While I have no reason to doubt Mr Meyr's qualifictions or his previous history that Denny Hansen outlined however this story DID contain errors and omissions. I hope these errors or omissions can be corrected in a later isssue as you do have a fine magazine.

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