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Thanks for filling in.

First, a little history:

The author, Mr. Eitan Meyr is a former assistant to the Counter-Terrorism advisor to the Israeli Prime Minister. His main fields of expertise are counter-terrorism and hostage-rescue. Currently engaged in several security projects in the private sector, he holds an MA degree in Criminology and BA degrees in Military History and Political Sociology. In short, he does know what he’s talking about.

I was able to contact him just before he was leaving to serve with the IDF for the next week. Since he will not have access to a phone or a fax, let alone the Internet to answer directly, he asked me to respond for him. Mr. Meyr asked me to state that he unequivocally stands behind the accuracy of the article, and that he checked his information through three separate, official sources. He also agreed that the Accuracy International SR-98 is a current issue sniper rifle for the ASASR, and he should have included that weapon. IMO this is a simple omission—not inaccuracy.

Before someone asks if I asked him to identify his sources, the answer is no. I would not place him in such a position, as naming names in a public forum may cost lives or careers, and I will not be a party to such actions. I can only hope that the members of TFL respect this stance.

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