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Agreed, Sensop.
Unfortunately, what we have here is two cases of third hand information which contradict, not only the author, but each other as well.

So the question becomes, who to believe? Eitan Meyr is a long time, trusted contributor to S.W.A.T.. Andy's contact and Norman's friend are both anonymous, as yet.

I don't like seeing S.W.A.T. painted with the same brush as gun rags. The best way to avoid that is to investigate such claims agressively and to report the results publicly. This we will do.

Thanks to Andy and Norman for raising the questions. Until we get the answers, I'll give the guy who put his real name on the article the benefit of the doubt. A few months back, one of our authors was accused of plagiarism. The accusation alone caused him enormous problems with his Department. When we looked into it, the charges were unfounded.

I hope this will turn out the same way. But, either way, y'all will get straight answers.
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