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Since the subject has been brought up i'd like to contribute a little.

A friend of mine brought to my attention that there were inaccuracies as to the weapons the SASR uses that the author of the article chose to fill in from his own imagination and/or assuming that the SASR would do/use whatever the Brit SAS does/carries.

SASR carries HK USP 9mmm as far as I was led to understand, not SIGs. "The USP is the standard side arm of the Australian SAS and most Police "SWAT" style units in Australia" my friend once wrote to me.

My friend, to whom I emailed the link as soon as I discovered it in your magazine, told me that the author was denied access to the Regiment. I'm sorry to say that i can't find the right email because i would not want this to sound the wrong way but that's all i recall. If i find the email in my other PC at work i'll try to post the right wording.

Anyway, after my friend's comment, I decided to look up SASR using and came up with a lot more info that the one found in the article and all of it more precise.

I'm a little dissapointed with the whole deal now that it has been brought up that most of the info included in the article is hot air. This is the kind of thing that makes people drop their subscritions and loose faith in gun rags. Of course I don't believe this is in any way the Editors fault or responsability but some verification should be conducted on the contents of the articles every once in a while.


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