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You can own a MP5

gbelleh, if you have the money and can get a CLO signature on your form 4 send it and a check for $200 to the ATF and after a complete background check you can own a MP5 or a MP5SD that's the factory suppresed model. I sell machineguns for a living and keep up with these things. There are certain states that will not private ownership of class3 weapons but I think you can in Ohio, I know there are several dealers from that state. These guns are not cheap but they are nice.
KS I have 3 German MP5's in my safe now and they are not sear guns.
For anyone interested here is a site that you can ask more questions and find machineguns for sale:
If you find a gun you want contact a sealer in your state and he can purchase the one you see on the forum.
If you do wish to own a MG you had better hurry the market is drying up and the picking are getting slim.

Good luck.
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