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Guidelines on Advertisers:
If the company provides a product which is related to firearms or training that would be of interest to our readers, which is not illegal for sale, we'll accept their advertising. (For instance, the "Buy a Mail Order Wife" ads ended with the October issue....and were instrumental in ending our relationship with our Ad Sales group.

Other than this, we take no responsibility for purchase decisions of the buyer.

It's kinda like TFL:
There are opinions here that are most certainly not shared by Staff; I've seen suggestions for firearms alterations and political action, for instance, that IMHO are downright foolhardy. But I will not step in and edit or delete those comments so long as they are in line with Forum Policy. Nor will I gratuitously counsel Members as to the propriety of those suggestions.

Caveat Emptor about covers it, I think.

ps: As an aside, the Smith and Wesson Academy agreed today to join Gunsite, Thunder Ranch, Black Water Lodge, the SigArms Academy, Storm Mountain and the H&K Academy in distributing our magazine, free to every student that walks thru their doors. I know that Smith does a fair amount of training; I believe that S.W.A.T. is a valuable resource for promoting responsibility in firearms handling and ownership; I believe that responsibility is the only way we will maintain our Second Amendment Freedoms. To that end, I'm most happy to do business with Smith and Wesson. YMMV
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