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I appreciated the cover very much, and it was the first book in my new subscription. Making a magazine at all is hard work, making it look that good is above and beyond while maintaining professional content. I don't mean this lightly, but consider this. A friend and I were in discussion on Sky Marshals. They must be more than a man with a gun. The depth of professionalism must be appreciated. They should have a knowledge of explosives, be versed in emergency medical skills, and be able to consider a complex situation and make it simple. Where can you find such a depth of professionalism in the magazine business but at SWAT?
You cannot call a man with a degree in Journalism and give him a SWAT assignment. I have learned more from SWAT than in most of my police training, and I have a degree in Criminal Justice, executive school, etc.
When someone mentions how could the average person identify with SWAT, why, we all like to learn about things we never use. Some things have merit all above the practical. We can support the men and women who do these things. We all have a speciality. Frankly, most of the time I was the man with the gun in the PD, doing every job. It is good to learn from someone who served in a large agency and worked his speciality inside and out for 20 years.

Well, back to the cover--

Good models are hard to find and must be appreciated.

It hits a spot in heart to see the writer use family in the shots, as I do so myself. My daughter has been a hostage at age three and my son, now in JROTC and a fine young man has been plastered with fake tattos to play a gang member.
I recognized Roy Huntington, once editor of Police Magazine, in Mr. Smith's story. Great!

If anyone needs a model that old guy in my stories has a face that looks like a rock quarry that has been dynamited. He is pretty cheap, too. I am 19 and play football.

R K Campbell
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