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I am very honored to have my entry chosen as one of the four finalist in the contest, even though i personally do not feel it "stacks up" against so many of the other entries not chosen. I had a real blast participating in the contest, both adding new entries and reading all the other members entries. I thank all that participated and hope the interest of Rich picking up this great magazine does not fizzle out. Please do your part and help make this magazine #1 amongst the other firearm mags :barf: . Lastly, i will donate my years subscription to a member that cannot afford to subscribe to SWAT, and will promise to use the subscripition to show others its great content in the hopes of adding a new subscriber (as long as Rich doesnt mind). Please dont take this last statement as i dont value winning, or that i dont value SWAT magazine, as its untrue. I am hoping to gain interest in this great firearms magazine the only way i know how. Again, thanks to those that participated in the was a blast!!!!!
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