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Rich Lucibella
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And the Winners are finally in! Many thanks to all who have contributed to this project. Magazine name changes are highly perilous and can easily kill a publication. Additionally, recent events affect the situation: S.W.A.T. teams were originally formed in response to the massacre at the Munich Olympics. In the coming months, we have every hope that they will be given the opportunity to resume that role and overcome any taint that has rubbed off from the Politicians' orders in their "War on Drugs".

In short, the name S.W.A.T. is to be retained. However, in keeping with the magazine's expanded mission, the following tagline will be added from this day forward:
"The Journal of Firearms Professionals and Prepared Citizens"

I'd like to thank my partner, Denny Hansen, for making the initial nominations of title contributions warranting a free subscription. Any slights that result in the final list may be laid at my own doorstep.

1 year subscriptions are awarded to:
Point Blank for "The Armed American"
Long Path for "Practical Weapons & Tactics "
AR10 for "Tactical Review"
Blade67 for "Weapons & Tactics for Responsible Gunowners"

Please email me with your snail mail addys and we'll get your subs started. If you already subscribe, your subscription will be extended by one year.
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