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Cover Credits:
Design: Shannon Lew
Photography: Bobby Ejercito and Chic Mathews
Subjects: Shannon and Laura Lew (She is a knockout)
I take credit for comissioning the cover.
Credit for the content goes to the writers, Denny, Dennis, Kathy and others.

The cover started with the announcement of a new Cabinet Post for "Homeland Security". The term struck me as Reich-ian and really got under my skin. Calls went out to Clint Smith to give us an article on Team Tactics for families and to Shannon for the cover...

Denny Hansen gets credit for tempering my initial Cover Headline "Homeland Security....S.W.A.T. Style".

If you think the cover is good, wait 'till you read the article by Clint. Credit to Heidi Smith, another knockout, for allowing herself to be photographed in the passion pink bathrobe! For Christmas, I think we'll have to send her a set of Bunny Slippers with the Swat logo!
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