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Actually, you're both right...almost. The name is a hindrance in terms of mass marketing....but we're not after a mass market. Over the past decade the term "SWAT" has come to conjure up negative feelings about no-knocks and botched midnight entries. However, this has more to do with the Federalization of local jusridictions and some of the abusive laws passed than anything else.

Given recent events, I expect QRT's will have their hands full with assignments that the public will be behind. I also expect the image of SWAT teams will be returned to it's former heights.

As for the perception that S.W.A.T. is a "cop" magazine, I can't change the perceptions of those with eyes closed. A brief glance of the current issue shows exactly 3 of 12 features that are cop oriented. 0 of 11 columns. If that makes it a "cop" magazine, color me Julie of The Mod Squad!

Our December issue's cover feature is team tactics for families. Clint Smith outlines in that article what he normally teaches in a one week course. You don't even need Department Letterhead to read it!

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