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Would you like to join a SWAT team? Are you ready to take the challenge and face the underbelly of what society has to offer?

Are you willing to place yourself in harms way for the sake of someone you don't know or for a paycheck thats not enough for the risks involved?

Are ready to seriously undertake the level of training and dedication required for the mastery of tactical skills?

Most certainly SWAT is a law enforcement oriented magazine, if the material within its pages were solely the domain of armed civilians it would be called "Amatuer". The title represents the ultimate tactical occupation found outside of the military, and bears a considerable level of honor and integrity. The material, although geared towards cops and soldiers, is relevant to anyone who has a true interest in weapons, tactics, and skill development. I really don't see the problem with the name of the magazine, it's been SWAT for years. The name has a level of recognition across the country and changing it now would provide no real value.

Would it be better to call it "Better guns and Tactics"? , "Gun Fancy", or some other touchy-feely title?

Lets be real folks, take a look at it and accept it for its value, see what it has to offer.
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