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Time for my thoughts,

SWAT magazine is, with out a doubt, a very distinctive magazine that caters to a very specific audience. While many bookstores and newsstands do not carry it, one only needs to speak with the manager to have the magazine put on the shelves, there is very little risk or financial involvement for them.

I must be 100% honest to see how many folks resist buying SWAT or subscribing to SWAT because it isn't geared more towards "civilian" tactics. There truly exists a very limited information source for professionals who carry weapons or are involved in martial endeavors. Organizations like the NTOA, ASLET, and IALEFI all produce commendable products, but are only available 4 times a year, are usually filled with the theories of a very few, or the profiles of someones tactical team. SWAT, by comparison, is more or less monthly and relies on the submissions by some very senior and knowledgable members of our industry who represent a whole lot more than a SWAT team on the other side of the country or some administrators concept of training.

The concept of SWAT has come along way under Mr. Hansen (from some very humble beginings) and certainly under Mr. Lucibella the publication will move foward with great gains. The efforts of both Rich and Denny, combined with the contributing authors who work to provide current, realistic, and occasionally controversial information to a wide audience.

If you haven't read SWAT, try it. Appraoch it with an open mind and see what makes it tick.

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