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David Park
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I'm still coming, and bringing the FAL and Mossy 500. I really want to pattern the 500 since I finally found some more choke tubes. I also want to see if the Super-Glue holds.

I'll also bring my SIG P239, but I'm saving most of my 9mm for training next month. Thanks to Ammoman, I now have 1000+ rounds of 7.62 NATO, but I think I'll leave some of it at home. I also have some .45ACP if anyone else brings a .45.

SodaPop, if you can convince Mal to come, he's welcome to ride with me. According to MapQuest, I should take I295/95 north to I476, and that will get me there in 3.5 hours. Sound about right? How much more time should I allow for traffic on 95?
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