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There was a time in my younger days when I would have confronted the bunch. I'm 5'9'' ,270, tattooed, and an uglier man has yet to walk the face of this earth. I also used to run security for heavy metal and punk bands in the area. But I'm older now, much of my 270 has moved from my chest to my waist while I wasn't looking. Can't hear out of my right ear, and have a constant ringing in my left from the heavy metal music. Had to have my gall bladder removed and an umbilical hernia repaired 2 weeks ago, and that has taken some of the spunk of me. And in this day and age, I'm slow to be confrontational to an armed group. I've coded too many gunshot victims who had done much less. I guess I'm finally getting old, my wife will be happy to hear it. On a happier note, just got back from the same range. Still crowded, but I managed to get off 20 rds from my mosin and my enfeild, and then daydreamed as I wasted a half a brick of .22. This topped off my day after I ran a sucessful code on a 58 year old woman last night, who if her luck holds, just might get to spend the holidays with her grandkids. Sometimes life is a pain, sometimes it's wonderful, but it always beats the alternative.
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