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that sure was a lousey day for ya. You are a gentleman. I'm sure things would have gone a tad bit different had I been there......

I am sure that I could have convinced the squirts with the 22's that they should stop long enough for me to set targets without violence.........I'm 5'9", 275 lbs, bald, and I have hands the size of hams!!!
Plus I"m uuuuuugggly.
I also carry a large revolver to the range. This combo tends to make folks behave around me.
The potty mouthed fella would have had a short talk with me and he would have seen the error of his ways. when I'm around nop-one talks like that around a kid!!!
I also carry a cell phone and won't hesitate to use it.
I moonlight as a bar bouncer and have had very few guys want to trifle with me. Not braggin, just fact.
The gent with the gun pointed at me would have seen my mag pointed his way in self defense, cuz its I may have used a few choice words myself!!!!
Other than That, Mrs Lincoln, How was the play?
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