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Problem with this place is that its an outdoor rifle range on a public hunting area. From time to time the game ranger will come down and take a look, but this time of year he has bigger fish to fry with all the guys walking around during primative deer season with their 30-06's. I'm sure to start something with this statement, but when I was a hunter, it's been over 10 years ago now, it seemed like we were a more polite and friendly bunch. Granted, my experience the other day was the worst by far, but it wasn't the first bad experience I've had. Maybe I'm just so used to having my own place to shoot that I'm over sensitive. Regardless, I can't wait until next summer. When it gets hot I pretty much have the place to myself. MY wife has decided that we're moving to Texas next year. I told her she could move anywhere she wanted, but if I can't shoot clays off the back porch I ain't going. I've had enough of this urban living.
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