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I'm a bit curious about why there is so little appreciation for the Lee Kay Center (5600 W, 2100S)? Granted, you can't practice "run & gun" tactics, nor rapid fire (limited to one shot/second by posted signage), but IMHO it's one of the better outdoor ranges I've been to (I haven't made it to the NRA Whittington Center, yet!). 2-3 range officers and 15-minute fireing sessions at the pistol/shotgun/muzzleloader range (yeah they're volunteers, but that means they probably now a LOT more about firearms that the local PD - which HAS been my experience), and an electric eye to prevent down-range movement on the "live" range at the high-power rifle range (it's "hot" all the time). Sure they have some limitations, but for $2 for the whole day it's hard to beat.

The Holliday Gun Club is much closer, but twice as expensive with NO range supervision at all. The honor system works MOST of the time, but it's NOT my choice for the best place to teach beginners. (Though I've done it out of necessity.)

I agree, Doug's is a hole.

Haven't shot at Custom Arms yet, though I have 2 free 1/2 hour passes - go figure.

One of these days I'll get to check out some of the other ranges.

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