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I have both. All is labeled. Not just hundreds but even thousands.

Anything for serious shooting is tracked diligently and is sorted by headstamp and in some cases, by lot.

I also have hodgepodge brass that gets light loads for target shooting.

I experimented with several hundred mixed 45 ACP cases to determine (realtively) which brands of brass held up under repeated firings. After some 22-23 loadings, it was still functioning flawlessly. Still, I was concerned and tossed it all in the trash. Afterward, other reloaders said it likely would have gone much further. My loss.

Loaded rounds get the same treatment. Minimum information is bullet brand, weight and configuration, charge, OAL, reload number (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc and date. I also keep a log for each batch indicating range results. No primer information as I use one primer brand. Should I switch, that information would be added also.
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