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November was my first issue as a new subscriber under the TFL offer. All I can say is Thanks! I was somewhat skeptical about another gun rag, but if the remaining issues in my one year subscription are of the caliber (pun intended) of the November issue, I'll re-up. I liked Emmerson's piece, and really liked Clint Smith's article; I've always suspected that the elusive quarter-minute-of-angle tactical rifle was "overkill" (again, pun intended). I like my accurized 700, but my Model 7 gets more time in the field.

I'll be interested in reading the letter on the inaccuracies in Chuck Taylor's piece. I'm new to the AR, and like it, and don't like the idea that there is misinformation here. So I'll be interested in seeing the "rebuttal." Hope it gets posted here as well as printed in the magazine.

Rich et al, thanks for a good first exposure. I look forward to the next issue.
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