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Hi Tropical Z;
Unfortunately, there is NO good range in SLC. In Taylorsville (West Side of SLC), there's a decrepit hole under the ground called Doug's Shootin' Sports, where all the target tracks and hangers are chronically broken. There are several outdoor ranges, including the Holliday Gun Club and the PMAA Range, which are quite good enough, but cold in the winter.
My favorite range is south of SLC by some 30 miles, in Lindon, called The Shooting Range (at A&F Gun). It's new, well-maintained, and has indoor 15 and 25 yard ranges as well as a pop-up steel plate range.
Other than this, there are a few ranges in several farther suburbs, both indoor and outdoor. I can give you details if you can tell me a little more about how far you're willing to go from SLC. Best.
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