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First of all short of restrictions due to a metal detector no terrorist is going to use a box cutter again. They might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but I don’t think they are that dumb. But I will play along anyway.

Like I said before, anybody that pulls a box cutter on me is gonna get slapped. Come on! I am no Billy Bad @$$ but a box cutter? I think a quick block with the cane/umbrella followed immediately with a jab to the head. Ring his bell a little bit. I don’t want to pull my gun right now though. This guy wants to come to America and start a little “box cutter” play? Ok I will finish the game he started. Once I disarm him (or even if I don’t) I think I would wade in close and show him a little good, old fashion, bare-knuckle, American whipping. I honestly don’t care if he starts to slice and dice me, I am going to make him hurt before I am done with him. Freakin’ terrorist coward. Trying to hurt women and children. Scum like that don’t deserve a bullet, they deserve a lot worse.
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