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Box Cutter Scenario Part Deux

Those were good responses all around, but let's make it a little tougher this time....

You're on a tour bus, and you see a guy pick up his overcoat, drape it over his arm, and start heading up the aisle, but before he can get two feet, something clatters to the floor.

For some reason, you already had a bad feeling about this,so you've already gotten to your feet with cane/umbrella in your hand. You look down, there is a box cutter on the floor. The guy reaches down, opens it and takes a wide arcing slice at you.

You have your CCW, a cell phone, and now your cane or umbrella already in your hand....what do you do?

Off hand? I'd pop the umbrella open for covering my draw, slowing down his charge for a second. Then all things being relatively clear as a backstop...two to center of mass and one to stop him from any more evil thoughts.
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