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Ok, while we are waiting for the torrent of replies, I'll try to start the ball rolling by giving an example of the kind of info I am looking for.

One of the great features of the AR is that a right handed shooter can perform all loading operations and most malfunction clearing techniques with the support hand, while the firing hand stays in firing position. This is difficult, if not impossible, with the M1A since the op rod handle is on the right side. Changing mags is difficult to do without using both hands, but I did learn one tip here on this forum which a member reported after taking a rifle course from Randy Cain:

Draw the mag with the left hand and bring it up between the trigger guard and the mag release latch, holding the fresh mag sideways (horizontal) so the the feed lips are to the right and the floorplate is to the left. Using the leading edge of the fresh mag, tap the mag release forward to unlatch it and push through to knock the empty mag forward and out of the mag well. The rotate the fresh mag to vertical and insert.

That works great, although if done too forcefully I imagine it could damage the mag body. But then, once the mag is inserted, what is the best way to manipulate the op rod handle--reach over with the left hand or switch your grip and use the firing hand to tug back on the op rod handle?

Usually by this time, my muzzle has drooped down toward the ground. You definitely get a work out with extended firing of the M1A! The Wilderness has started producing the Giles Sling for the M1A --would that help steady the rifle during loading and clearing manipulations?

And speaking of malfunction clearing, what are the most likely malfunctions and what are the best techniques for clearing them quickly? Can they be cleared with the support hand, or do you have to break the firing grip?

This is the stuff I'm looking for. If no one has published this stuff maybe we will have to develop it ourselves here on the forum.
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