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Tactical use of the M1A - sources for training, books, videos, etc.?

There are many good sources for learning how to use the AR15 in a tactical environment, but is there anything similar for the M1A? I'm interested in learning for the M1A the same sort of stuff we apply to the AR, for example the best way to deploy the rifle from sling carries, tactical reloads, malfunction clearing, training drills, etc. The manual of arms and the ergonomics are different enough that not a lot of tactical carbine stuff can translate to the long, heavy M1A.

I'm really not talking about the M1A in a sniper rifle mode, and not traditional infantry training either, but more of a "Modern Technique of the M1A" which will allow the operator to get the most of this great rifle from close range out to 250 yards or so (past that I imagine the best technique involves getting a solid rest from behind cover). Has anyone developed a modern tactical system of techniques for the M1A? Any references to training, books, videos, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
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