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So whats going on with this?

Any word on the possible name change? Who won the free subscription?

In case anyone cares anymore, I understand the need to market with descriptive words. SWAT certainly turned me off from buying this magazine, as I am far more interested in guns as sport and personal defense. I wold, however, like to read the occasional tactical article.

I have to say, a main, short, name with a descriptive line underneath is the best. The Firing Line is really to good to pass up, and had that been the name of the magazine to begin with I would have bought it sight unseen. Obviously, editorial content needs to be tilted towards what sells, but The Firing Line is too appropriate to pass up:
1)appeals to the target shooters/handloaders,
2)appeals to the LE audience who has to practice multiple times a month,
3)appeals to the full-auto/military who may associate the title with the "front line", and 4)instantly gets you massive penetration on this bulletin board of howevermany tens of thousands of members you have.

As far as the tag line beneath, out of everything I read I think "Weapons and Tactical Defense" is the best. It includes the ideas of guns without limiting it nor hitting it too hard in today's anti-gun environment, and it highlights the thinking-man side of the magazine where tactics and defense are concerned.



Weapons and Tactical Defense
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