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Bud Helms
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I'd really be interested in a highly technical, cartridge-related column. Not necessarily reloading or gunsmithing, but a column on inherent cartridge (test barrel) performance vs real gun performance. How a real life weapon system delivers the performance potential of a cartridge. Or how it doesn't. Call it the Techno-nerd column. Like the differences between the .40 S&W and the 10 mm.

That column could address the internal, intermediate and terminal ballistic performance differences. It would be of some interest to long rifle shooters. But it may be a subject best left for Precision Shooting. Just an idea.

The mag can't be everything to everyone. After sounding like the mag isn't technical enough, my favorite article in the latest (Nov 01) issue was A. Emerson's Meditations On Handgun Sight Systems. Meditations! Go figure. I loved it. The Springfield's Professional Model 1911, by Walt Rauch was also good. The article on the Colt M4, by Chuck Taylor, is the first "Black Rifle (M16)" article I've read in years. Pretty good. I'm hooked. Great mag. Keep the equipment articles coming. I'll leave the tactics of police work to the pros.
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