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Thanks for the honest insight. I'm real proud of S.W.A.T.....both its Editorial direction and it's look. As you point out, it can be improved.....Heaven help us if we ever get to the point where we stop believing that. We're all working real hard to improve it with every issue; and I firmly believe that the content was far better than the competition, before we took over. Magazines inevitably make mistakes. The question is "How do they respond when called on those mistakes". I already know how Denny intends to respond...see his comment to Jeff.

As to content being "responsible" you are, once again, spot on. But, as has been pointed out, there is nothing wrong with a posed image to demonstrate a point. After all, if all shooting occurred at the range, we wouldn't need a magazine like S.W.A.T., would we?

We thank you for the compliment on the credibilty of guys like Clint, Louie and Pat. I do differ with you on the comments about Pat's writing style, however. He's fast becoming a favorite of our readers, at least as evidenced by my email. So he must be doing something right.

Keep the input coming. An article or two from you would also help to keep us "honest".
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