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Pat Rogers
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I'm a tad busy about now, however...

I work in this business. I am on the inside looking out, not the other way 'round. Every business is complete with jargon. (Geez- look at what computer nerds do!)
That is life.
Acronyms were probably instituted to save typing/ writhing time. So be it.
I can use wussy, common terms to describe certain things, but that would not be consitent with what we do- in fact, it would show a distinct lack of credibility on my part- and i won't do it.
My severest criics are those i work with- and there acceptance is paramount.
Dean has chided me on this before, but then i have chided him for his use of improper nomenclature. I have the utmost respect for ol' Dean, but we see some things differently.

I include an explanation with each acronym used, and while it may be distracting to purists, it is the best i can do.
Of course those who actually do this have no problem understanding what i am saying. For all others, i beg you indulgence, and request that you understand that i ain't writing fluff.

Pat sends
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