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November is a Fantastic Issue!

Okay, being biased, you had me with the Springfield TRP PRO article... but then you went on with the 10MM EAA review... A Short Barreled sniper rifle... and then a fantastic article on Handgun Sights... All wonderful.
You even have some pretty good stuff about the AR-15 types things that I didn't read, but laughed at the photos. (Blatant Inflamitory Remark: AR's SUCK!)

However, your best article in the whole rag was near the back... Your review of the Chinese B-3 rifle was spot on. One of the most enjoyable reviews I ever read. "Select Grade Orange Crate" and the other captions were fantastic.


There are a couple of things missing... 1. The Ads for all the Girls in the back. Thats something that should never have been in this magazine. Its wonderful that they are no MIA. 2. Knives. There are a lot of knives going on in the magazine but no articles about any of them. You had the little product blurb about the SOG Access card but thats it. Being mankinds oldest tool and most used duty tool as well, you should have some knife content.

Best gun magazine issue I've read all year.
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