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That should do it! If I remember right it boosted the rpm to 900-1000
For a not so radical boost you can buy a semi bolt buffer and trim it shorter so the bolt goes back far enough to function properly. Or you can make one (that's what I did) it is .45" thick and is two pieces. The first piece is cut just like the stock buffer and is made out of plastic and fits where the stock buffer fits, then the second piece is square to fit the receiver and is made out of rubber and goes in right after the first piece. Just install the bolt assembly. As usual with the new 2 piece buffer behind it. The recoil spring rod will stick out from the front of the bolt .45" but it does not matter.
You will get much less battering of the receiver, a shorter distance for the bolt to travel and a slightly compressed spring, that will speed things up a bit and protect your investment.
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