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I like the Vector Uzi. Mine was bought last year and is quite well made. It is parkerized instead of painted and works best with Israeli or South African mags.

It doesn't like the cheap sheet metal mags which have an incorrect lip angle and follower angle nor does it like the 40 shot mags, but then so I hear, neither does the IMI Uzi. I have read that other SMG designs like the Beretta and S&W likewise dislike the longer mags.

It would probably benefit from a slightly more powerful recoil spring and shorter bolt travel. It seems like you have enough time to play a hand of pinochle and eat a sandwich between trigger pull and actual fire which may irk some people. I suppose if one were looking for improvement in this regard they would look instead to the $4500 gun called a "Mini Uzi" which has corrected this design defect (???) with a shorter, faster action. The full sized one's leisurely rate of fire appears to be a definite advantage compared to the mini both for ammunition costs and barrel wear however.

There is one interesting point of difference between the Vector and the older Israeli SMG, which is an improved sear with an addition of a thing they call a "small sear" and a modification of the sear itself to accomodate it, which is supposed to improve action in semi auto I believe. I have not heard nor read much about this modification, but it is a small thing of interest to collectors.

If anyone knows the history behind the sear change I wish you'd post it.
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