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Vector Arms Uzi's are built with receivers produced and registered by Group Industries before the 1986 ban. They imported parts for the standard size UZI, produced by Lyttleton Engineering in South Africa (known as the world's highest-quality UZI government contractor).
The fit and finish is top notch and they are a blast to shoot! You can read about the extra steps they take with the receiver's heat treatment and such at their site
Vector sells them one at a time for $3,295.00 some class 3 dealers take advantage of price brakes for large order pricing and pass it on to us. I found mine about 6 months ago for $2,500.00 those deals are gone now, you should be able to find one for around $2,850.00 or so at You can also find a good dealer in your area their just click on Home or Board of Inquiry

The Vector Uzi's receiver is registered in 9mm, .22 & .45 Vector also sells the conversion kits for around $235.00 for the .22 and $210.00 for the .45

I bought my mags, sling, bayo and such from DSArms of all places, brand new 25rd IMI mags for $15.00 ea. And the Parkerizing matches the Uzi's very nicely.

Vector started out with about 3,000 receivers when they are gone there gone! Expect prices to keep going up.
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