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Wts: Fleming .22 M-10 Conversion Kits & Mags!!

I have two M-10 Fleming .22 kits for sale. One is in excellent condition. I bought it NIB and fired about 1,000 to 1,500 rounds through it. If you're interested, price on this is $250.

The other is also in great shape but needs some minor repair. The extractor popped out, but I still have it. I'm not very mechanically-inclined, so I didn't try to repair it but the repair work appears to be fairly simple. I also bought this one NIB and have put about 1,000 to 1,500 round this this one. Price on this is $200.

I also have a bunch of spare Ramline mags (30 and 50 round) available. Some are new in the plastic wrapper, while the others are used. I also have one Condor steel lip mag available, which has only had about 100 rounds fired through it. Finally, I have an adaptor that allows you to use a 9mm MAC-10 can on these .22 kits. I have used this adaptor with a 9mm MAC can and the can is VERY effective when used on the kit with .22 rounds.

I have a digital camera and can send you as many pictures of these as you like. Thanks for your time!

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