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OK, ran it out to FXRGC today (38° was as good at was going to get.)

WIN XPR* (I cheated w/ its 22" barrel) and the standard Speer 180FP/Norma-200 loadout.

Ran one target at 100 to re-adjust zero to hit high at 100 by 3-4"

Then ran another target for group -- first at that 100,
then moved same target out to 200 for 2nd impact point

Coupla Notes:
That XPR is very light. It does not like a bag rest (horizontal dispersion)
Bag it, but firm forearm hold.

Afterwards on a whim, I pulled out some Commercial Winchester 180gr 'PowerPoint'
(just plain ol' soft point w/ a fancy name) and fired 3 rounds before I left the 200 yd
line and called it a day

It grouped just under 2" -- and overlaid the Speer impact point.

* I had Sandy Garrett bed it. (So cheat #2)

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