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Wherein Ledbetter thanks all for their reason and courtesy

Lawdog, thanks for saying what needed to be said in the start of this thread. We are not a terrorist nation. Hate is not the core of Muslim belief. Hatred should not be a factor in our national response.

Just the same, what effective tactics are there against a country(ies) fighting a covert, undeclared capital-W War on us, using spies and terrorism instead of soldiers? Can we simply take a nation's leader's word that, although the attacks have its citizens screaming with joy, they are just the unauthorized work of a few zealots?

Tens of thousands of our people have been burned and buried alive by terrorism funded by nations, and abetted by hundreds of accomplices.

New tactics are called for. The national rule against assassination of foreign nationals, if it still exists, must go. The people responsible, and all of their accomplices, need to be dragged out in the street and killed like dogs, or simply vanish. And I mean everybody from bin-Laden to the guy who shines his shoes.

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