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There is nothing respectable about war, Lawdog.

It is sometimes a necessity. Nor would this be the first war that started with something other than a military target.

It IS war.

And you should read the excerpts you post, and understand the context. "those who believe", it says. That's converts, Lawdog. Those who do not believe are to be killed. As their saying goes, "First Friday, then Saturday, then Sunday." That's referring to the conquest by sword of the entire world. First the Arab world, then the Jewish world, then the Christian world. It's a refrain that is taught from the earliest days of childhood.

BTW, to a devout Muslim, you have NOT read the Quran. No translation is valid, it must only be read in Arabic.

The practical result of this doctrine is that most Muslims do not read the Quran, since most do not speak Arabic. They know only what their clergy wants them to know, so arguing about what the Quran actually says is really irrelevant.

Back when Pakistan detonated their first nuke, I was working in a firm that employed a number of engineers from Pakistan, and other middle east countries. (I became good friends with several of them.) Whether by design or by accident I got BCCd on an email from one Pakistani to several friends and relatives who worked at other firms in the US. (Major firms.) The emails flew thick and fast as each just hit Reply to All and added a few more to the list. The end result was dozens of emails from jubulant Pakistanis, rejoicing in their new found military might, and threatening India AND THE GREAT SATAN AMERICA.

It was quite frightening to see - right in your face - the hatred of America and the desire to see American CIVILIAN blood spilled. AND to see the kind of jobs these people had. And still have.

And Pakistan is one of the more friendly Islamic countries.

As for 'proof' that Afiganistan (or whomever) is behind it, what kind of proof do you want? Courtroom proof?

That would be like requiring an officer to be able to PROVE that the BG intends to kill him before he is allowed to shoot.

Battlefield proof is an entirely different matter.

Better to know what you don't know than to think you know what you don't know.

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