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If, and only if, we can prove that a national government was behind this act will the destruction at the WTC become an act of war.

Somebody proves to me that the Government of Afghanistan was responsible for this, you can bomb away with my blessing.

Somebody proves to me that the Government of Libya destroyed the World Trade Center, and I'll push the button myself.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, should offer to cloak this mass murder with the respectability of War.

This was not war. This was butchery. This was mass murder. This was the twisted desire of one, single, gonad-deficient ****-head with a chip on his shoulder.

This is not about battlelines and strategy and honourable surrender and the Geneva Convention.

This is about one charismatic pyschopath with a sexual dysfunction and the ability to talk naive young people into doing his dirty work so that he can keep his nice pink hide away from where the blood flies.

Wars have armistices, treaties, embassies, peace accords, Hague Conventions and justification.

This codswallop should have several grim-faced men, knives, silenced pistols, a dark alley and a dung heap for a final resting place.

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